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Natural Methods for Easing Toothache Pain

A toothache can rear its ugly and painful head at any time. There is a myriad of different reasons it can occur, and regardless of the cause, there’s no question it can be extremely uncomfortable. While seeing your dentist is smart for any toothache that just won’t go away, there are some steps you can take to soothe the pain [...]

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How Chewing Ice Can Negatively Affect Your Oral Health

There are several reasons you may chew ice. Regardless of whether it’s to enjoy a cool summer treat, relieve stress or cut back on calories, it can have negative affects on your overall oral health. Some of the reasons to avoid chewing ice can be found here. […]

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Healthy Foods Result in Healthy Teeth

You know how important it is to ensure your teeth and your child’s teeth are properly cared for. You also know that great oral hygiene habits have to being at a young age. Creating a regular flossing and brushing routine from an early age is a great way to help ensure your child’s mouth remains health. […]

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Brushing Your Teeth Too Hard? These Signs Say Yes!

It is crucial that you brush your teeth (a minimum) of twice daily. This helps keep them healthy and clean.  What you may not realize is that it is actually possible for you to brush your teeth too hard. If you use too much pressure when brushing, it may cause gum damage, which is something that can’t be reversed unless you [...]

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Are Your Teeth Tingling? Understanding Sensitive Teeth

Have you ever experienced that tingling sensation in your teeth when eating hot soup or enjoying your morning cup of coffee? If so, you may not feel pain, but it’s enough to make you a bit uncomfortable. […]

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