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Why are so many Overland Park residents choosing us for teeth whitening?

Here at Blue Valley Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, we offer FREE whitening for life!

What is teeth whitening and how does it work?

Teeth whitening usually refers to a cosmetic dental procedure which brightens teeth. “Whitening” means restoring a tooth’s surface color by removing debris.  Teeth whitening involves the use of a bleaching agent to oxidize stains in the tooth enamel and dentin. The bleaching agent is usually either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. There are a variety of treatment options, varying in cost, length and results.

Bleaching can be done professionally in the dentists office, or we can give you take home whitening-kits to use on your own. Teeth whitening is a very effective procedure, and patients almost always see moderate to substantial results, brightening their smile by several shades!

  • In-Office Bleaching
    • The advantage of in-office bleaching is that you will see dramatic results in a short period of time. Here we apply a high-concentration peroxide gel which remains on your teeth for about 15 minutes. The gel will be reapplied up to three more times and the procedure typically lasts no more than an hour!
  • Take Home Kits
    • The advantage of take home kits is that whitening can be done regularly without the need for multiple trips to our office. Routine whitening is very effective at creating a lasting, brilliant smile. We will give you a lower-concentration peroxide gel, usually containing carbamide peroxide, which is a slower acting and less potent bleaching agent. The lower-concentration prevents patients from damaging their gums. The gel is applied directly to the teeth using a custom made tray made to fit your teeth, and remains in for about an hour. Most patients can expect to see a difference of 2 to 7 shades in their teeth whiteness!