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Family Dentistry

We see patients of all ages and welcome your entire family to our practice.

Check ups for every age

We recommend that your kids start coming to see us 6 months after the appearance of their first tooth.  At their first appointments, we just want to get them acquainted to coming to the dentist and make sure everything is healthy.  Every age presents its own challenges. For example, as early as age two, evidence of the pacifier or thumb starts to show up in the shape of the teeth and in the arch. In most cases, as long as the pacifier is stopped by age 5, things return to a normal growth phase. Age-appropriate checkups may include digital X-rays, a complete periodontal assessment, and a bite and jaw movement evaluation.

Treatment with comfort in mind

While a filling or crown isn’t something most people look forward to, we take our time to do it right. All work comes with a 5-year guarantee, and 99% of our patients would refer their friends and family. Need an extra warm blanket, conscious sedation, a longer explanation? Let our team put a smile on your face. Watch your kids grow up wondering why other people don’t seem to love the dentist, too.  No one ever said that you can’t be pampered at the dentist. We’ll make sure you’ve got everything you need – from hot towels to blankets to music and more. You’ll find our staff very attentive to your every need.

Flexible Scheduling

We know how busy your life can be and how important your time is.  We will do our best to schedule your family together and we offer early mornings, lunchtime appointments and there is always a doctor on call for those questions and concerns that arise outside of our normal clinic time. Contact us  or Call 913.338.3443 to schedule an appointment today.